Introduction: Delegations

During his thirty-some years in America, the Venerable Master propagated the Dharma throughout the United States and Canada. Despite the rigors of travel, he also made various trips to Asia, South America, and Europe, delivers the message of Dharma into the people's hearts with a great lion's roar.

Shi Hengtung relates,

In accepting invitations to lecture: The Venerable Master didn't want personal fame. Because he wished to train other people, he never went to give a lecture alone. Rather, he would always bring a delegation of disciples on trips to study and learn in various countries. The daily schedule on these trips would always be very full. Aside from the usual morning and evening ceremonies, Sutra recitation, lectures, transmission of the three refuges and five precepts, Great Compassion or Shurangama Dharma Sessions, or meetings with faithful followers. Not a single moment would be wasted. The Venerable Master said, "We are not a tourist delegation, nor can we be called a Dharma-propagation delegation. We are simply a visiting delegation. I don't understand much of anything, and I'm not qualified to propagate the Buddhadharma. I'm happy to follow behind everyone else and to learn from the Elders and Greatly Virtuous Ones of various places.