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Company Profile


The legal name of Advite is Advanced Visionary Technologies, dba ADVITE Inc. Our management team consists of people whose backgrounds consist of over 10 years of product designing and over 12 years of marketing and quality control.

Advite uses its engineering and innovation resources to come up with new ideas and incorporate it to the latest technology that will help our customer compete in the new economy.

In order to achieve this vision, Advite commits to the following:

  • To consult with our customer to come up with a more advance design that incorporate their best ideas and needs.
  • To provide uninterrupted supply of the highest quality, most reliable servers throughout the United States and Europe.
  • To be the No.1 provider of Internet servers in the United States and Europe.



Current Products:

  • Pluto 8000 (2U server that can fit six plus one hard drives with the ability to hold a full size PCI card)
  • Pluto 9000 (Same capability as 3000 with the ability to hold 2 full size PCI cards)
  • Venus 8000 (1U server)
  • Venus 9000 (1U server, Dual CPUs capability)
  • Venus 7000 AA (Aluminum Alodine)

  • Venus 7000 APB (Aluminum Paint Black)

  • Venus 7000 APT (Aluminum Paint Teal)

  • Venus 7000 SPB (Steel Paint Black)


Advite Inc.’s products are currently being used in The United States: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles....; also globally being used in Australia, France, Italy...

Research and Development:

  • ?U thin server that has the same capability as the current 1U server
  • Combining server and RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drive) system into a 4U chassis.

For the last 15 years, the growth in the use of Internet as a means of communication has increased dramatically. The increased public awareness of the Internet has significantly contributed in the booming of Internet companies. The products and services that these company provided amount to billions of U.S dollar. The area of biggest growth in the Internet market is in the United States and Europe. 


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SERVERS are the lifeblood of most businesses today and downtime is not an option.

ADVITE Inc. is the leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing of industrial computers for Internet telecommunications.