1. The colors of Blao college's walls've been faded,

As time went by, I?m very excited

To ask myself "where?re my old friends?"

Looking around at I only went

Dazed with longing for the ancient memories,

On the yellow flower road, I serouched in hiding gradually.

No sweet memory's found by me,

'Cause sun and rain erased off the marks on the floor

Then I'd like to visit our dormitory,

But reserved for girl students, I don't need anymore

What for chirping with my teeth, clicking with my tongue,

So do I need some girl friends to go along?

With my short-seeing and my weak foot

I went step by step with melancholy for it

The wind blew raindrops gently

Impacting my face without modesty

The pupils burst into an upper, speaking, laughing

I missed my youth, neither perplexed

God bless the wind blowing, the rains dropping

May they erase off all my actual sadness


2. The pingrim team's composed of more than ten men

Nguyen Van Nguon, the dentist, was very happy

with his jokes and laughs

Chu Huu Tin was really in a stir and jumble,

Half saved for friends having a good lime together in the past years,

Half saved for asking where're our proofs

The college's still over there, but no one knew where they're

Tran Thi Minh Nguyet, my beloved wife,

Chu Huu Doan Trang, my little girl, accompanied me

All my Family's number three,

Joining the team in package, the first lime they travelled

Le Huu Trung's very busy in bridge photo taking

To make memories of our pilgrimage to Blao

Du Thanh Nghiep's very engaged, or so

His good wife told him the way to go

Taciturn's our best friend Nguyen Van Ly

Former order chief, well know for music and poem writing.

Tran Trung Ngon, sitting on the first seat, near the driver,

Led the bus climbing the cliff in foggy and dim clouds

Nguyen Tan Tai with his space grey hair,

Was once the famous footballer of ancient lime

His wife slowly held a candle to him,

Going into the market for purchasing gifts for relatives

Inspetor Nguyen Tan Phuc's somehow haggard, minding

Looking at old friend's pictures without saying

Vinh Truong with his long hair, longer

Sitting on the back seat of the bus remained quiet leaving poor lovers

Tran Ky absent for a long time, no news

Suddenly appeared, what's good news!

Duong Quang Thuong both maternal and paternal grandfather

His talent for music and poems must be glorified further


3. Well, I've to stop writing here,

To say thank you to all for you, my dear

Thank you, my dear friends, near or far,

You contributed labor and money to the success of this pilgrimage

You actually spoke out the mutual understanding

From this native land, we send you best wishes

For embellishing our palimony

With rich people strong nation ten limes as much as in the past

Hurrad! Our only Americana - Vietnamese home, at last

Be it lashing forever as you love

Be this spring an ever - happy love


                                                                      Chu Hữu Tín  



Trang Nhà Khóa 2 C̣n Đó Những Qua Đi NLM50 Âm Hưởng Blao Tung Cánh Chim Bay