The Dabei Temple 


Built before 1033 and with three courtyards, the Dabei Temple sits on a mountain slope. Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty wrote an inscription over the entrance door, in front of the hall, green bamboos planted during the Ming Dynasty still thrive. Pic shows the scene of religious buddhists gathering in the hall:


Dabei abbot Master Miaoxiang (妙香大师)


The monks of Dabei Si, along with the abbot and the affiliated lay devotees all strictly uphold Buddhist regulations. They eat once a day, and do not take meals after noon. All of the monks walk together every day, holding their bowls, to beg for food, and give sentient beings the chance to plant innumerable seeds of karmic merit

 Making offerings to the Three Treasures is done voluntarily by lay Buddhist disciples; the merit gained therein is inconceivable

 The regulations of Dabei Si require the monks to be itinerant and beg for food; firstly, it allows them to uphold Buddhist discipline and maintain the correct dharma, and secondly they can thus get closer to and perform good deeds for the benefit of other sentient beings, planting innumerable seeds of karmic virtue


Monastic regulations stipulate that if one is unsuccessful in begging for food, they try another home; they may not speak rudely or show an unhappy expression. They may only beg at seven homes, and no matter how much or how little they obtain, must immediately return afterwards













 According to the regulations, when traveling around and begging for food, monks are not allowed to spend the night in the homes of laypersons; thus, they have no alternative but to sleep beneath the trees, under bridges, or out under the stars


Dabei monks spend at most 4 hours sleeping each day


When the monks of Dabei Si travel, they are forbidden to ride in any form of transportation



A group of monks from the Dabei Si traveling, with the abbot Miaoxiang leading the way

If, when working, a monk encounters a worm or other sentient creature, they will move it out of the way to avoid mistakenly harming it:



During their travels, the monks of Dabei Si spread the Buddhist dharma, transforming sentient beings through its teachings, causing thousands to take refuge in the Three Treasures and establish firm faith


Pregnant wife attends a refuge ceremony at Dabei Si    


Followers attending a nighttime worship ceremony at Dabei Si


The Dabei monastery practices and spreads the Buddhist teachings



"Notice to all faithful worshipers: The monks of the Dabei monastery adhere to the regulation of 'not allowing their hands to touch money.' We do not have a donation box. Please do not leave money."





 Monk from Dabei Si practicing meditation by the roadside




The solemnity of the marching monks

 The monks of Dabei Si are very well educated. Many of them are college graduates, and some were doctors, reporters, and engineers before becoming monks.




All of the faithful lay disciples in Dabei Si respectfully give way for the monks:





A Dabei Monk is mending his cloth


 The monks of Dabei Si practice Buddhism with their whole bodies, engaging in manual labor to fix the temple and the roads



 Những người làm việc xếp hàng truyền phẩm vật cúng dường vào.


 Thời kinh tối, các cư sĩ phục vụ đều ngưng tay làm việc để đọc tụng kinh điển.




Monks of Dabei Si stopping for meditation during their travels










An evening shot of the monks of the Dabei Si


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