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"Su Tu Ha Dong", a respected and an admired female lion

Willie D Lee

"I listen to U and I will do anything as ordered. Please, be nice to me now," said the male lion to the angry female

Dear friends,

Just the right picture to depict the real life pattern of this family of the cats. I was very lucky to have found a copy of the National Geographic Society when I was locked up by the commies in the so called "Re-ed schools" in 1978, in which the life of the most respected one, the lions, of the cat family was written in details with supporting pictures. I found it from an erstwhile garbage dump left behind by an ARVN ranger unit. I smuggled it in, into the "re-ed" at the risk of being punished and read it with real interest. It is still in my mind that the male lions always look grand, strong, handsome, courageous, but actually they lack the male qualities that human beings are having.

We, as males, we are the main breadwinners for the families, supporting our entire family, taking care of the children, looking after our aging parents. We, as males, we are ready and willing to risk our lives to defend our country. We, as males, we are ready to die over the challenges of the high seas to bring our family to "the land of the free and to the home of the brave." We are not like male lions who are very lazy, coward, doing nothing but laying back, kicking back, waiting for the females to pleasure them, to bring meat or quarry to their mouths. They do not deserve any respect, as their looks would suggest. That is why, to me,  this is the good picture about it, a female threatening to jump on the male instead of the other way around. Once in a while, I am facing the same situation too, myself, even I am always proud of myself as being a good male human being. But I always keep it a secret, not airing my own linen to the public. But that is the truth to let U know, but, please, do not spread this personal truth to the outside world. May I ask you this question: "Are U like me?" If the answer is YES, then, follow this "Don't Ask, Don't Say, Don't Mention about it.  Keep it to yourself." People will laugh at U if you do leak out. Please.