Introduction: Instructional Talks

When the Venerable Master spoke the Dharma, he penetrated it deeply yet expressed it in very simple words. His words were straight to the point. He employed skillful expedients and had ocean-like wisdom. After listening to the Venerable Master's talks, each disciple would say, "Today the Venerable Master was talking about me!" The Venerable Master spoke the Dharma in such a lively and humorous way that his disciples were never able to doze off during his talks.

- by Cecilia (Guojie) Chen, p.26,
"In Memory of Ven. Hua Vol. II"

The Venerable Master's instructional talks are known for being straight to the point and also for their practicality. His instructional talks have benefited a multitude of living beings. Below are some personal testimonies and words of gratitude:

We have never seen the Venerable Master in person, yet we have respectfully read the Venerable Master's Instructional Talks many times. We have gained profound benefit from them and engraved them in our hearts.

Abbotess Shi Yanjun and the fourfold assembly of disciples of Guangxin (Vast Mind) Buddhist Convent,
City of Yingkou, Liaoning Province, p. 203
"In Memory of Ven. Hua Vol. II"

By chance, I read the Venerable Master's biography and instructional talks, as well as his eighteen great vows. I was deeply moved and resolved to cultivate. I knew the Venerable Master was a genuine wise teacher, and so I was determined to follow him on the path to Bodhi. In 1986, I finally fulfilled my long-held wish -- leaving home with the Venerable Master.

Shi Heng Feng, p. 329
"In Memory of Ven. Hua Vol. II"

From reading our kind Teacher's instructional talks, I have realized the values of human life and come to understand the boundlessness of the Buddha Way. I am grateful to the Buddha's kindness and I thank the Venerable Master for the teaching of three words that he left me -- patience, the Buddha, and the Dharma -- which constantly inspires me in my ignorance.

Zhang Guomei, p. 424
"In Memory of Ven. Hua Vol. II"