A Single Thought

If one wishes to know
All the Buddhas of the three periods of time,
One should concentrate the nature of the Dharma Realm;
Everything is made from the mind alone.

The Ten Dharma Realms are not apart from a single thought of the mind. This is the same principle.

If a person gives rise to a good thought, an auspicious spirit will come to protect them. If a person gives rise to an evil thought, a cruel spirit will trail them. The difference lies in a single thought. The ancients said,

If you take one single wrong step,
You'll regret it for a thousand years.

We can also say, "If you have a single wrong thought, you'll regret it for a thousand years." Good and evil are each contained in a single thought. I often say people's minds are like motes of dust, knocked around in space. Suddenly, you're in the heavens, then suddenly among the animals, hungry ghosts, or in the hells.

There's no end to the bitter sea of suffering, so hurry up and come back to the other shore. There's nothing esoteric about it. It's simply a matter of getting rid of your bad habits and faults.

No selfishness
No seeking
No greed
No fighting
No seeking for self-benefit

If you can follow these rules, you quite naturally won't go against heavenly principle or the hearts of people. If you can use these as a measure against your own actions each day, then you won't make any mistakes. Whether you want to be a person or to practice transcendental Dharmas, you need these five principles as a guide.

If I say any more today, you'll just forget!

p. 86, Treasure Trove