The Joy of Not Seeking

The less you know about what's going on,
The less affliction you will have.
The more people you know,
The more gossip there will be.

Most people seek knowledge, but cultivators seek "no knowing." Why? Because the less you know about what's going on, the less affliction you will have. If you know just a little, you'll have fewer problems. "The more people you know, the more gossip there will be." Even when there's no gossip, it will start to circulate. Because of this, those who seek learning seek scholastic knowledge, while those who cultivate the Way seek "no knowing."

No knowing just refers to:

Growing up to be a dolt,
One becomes a genius,
Studying until stupid,
One is rare in the world.

When you grow up to be a big dummy, then you're truly sharp. So it is said, "Great wisdom seems like foolishness. Great eloquence seems like clumsy speech." Those who have truly great eloquence seem at a loss for words. They do not talk a lot. They may only say one or two sentences, but they leave everyone else speechless.

"Studying until stupid, one is rare in the world." When you have studied to the point that you seem to be stupid all day, then the miracles can happen; a special state can happen.

It's also said,

When you reach the point that you seek nothing,
Then you have no worries.

That is, in cultivation, you should not seek to become a Buddha, or a Bodhisattva, or to certify to the fourth fruit of Arhatship, or to have great wisdom, or to get enlightened, or to break through your investigation. Don't seek anything. In the very act of seeking, you are adding a head on top of a head; you are riding a donkey looking for a donkey. In cultivation, seek nothing, just cultivate. It's just like eating, wearing clothes, and sleeping. It's a necessity, that's all. You must cultivate every day, day and night the same. That is following conditions, but not changing; not changing and yet following conditions. You should work in this way and then, when you have reached the extreme point, without seeking enlightenment, you will be enlightened, and without seeking to become a Buddha, you will become a Buddha. Without seeking to become a Bodhisattva, you will certify to the Tenth Ground. So, when the effort takes one to that point, one's success is naturally attained. You don't need to seek. Seeking is just greed; just false thinking.

p. 97 - 98, Treasure Trove