No Flattering

  • At the Sagely City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, flattery is prohibited. No one should say things to play up to people or praise them.

  • Why have some people returned to lay life? It's because they liked being flattered. The left-home people here are all young, including the acting abbot. Flattering them is tantamount to pushing them back to laylife a little sooner.

  • The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas does not stand on politeness. Dharma is spoken for its own sake; it's not used to engage in social politeness. I don't allow my disciples to go around flattering people. That is most disgusting behaviour.

  • One of my lifelong commitments has been to refrain from praising people and to never deliberately slander anyone. I just tell things the way they are, without adding or subtracting anything. Because of that, at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas no one says the words "thank you." We follow the motto "the straight mind is the Way-place."

Vajra Bodhi Sea, September 1996