While walking and reciting "Na Mwo E Mi Two Fwo," when you hear the large bell, that is the sign that you are to return to your bowing cushions, and the tempo of the recitation is speeded up. I've noticed that many of you are unaware of this. When you recite, keep your hands in front of your chest; this is called the "palms-lowered position." Don't let your hands hang down by your belly. They should be right in front of your rib cage, directly below the heart. When you hear the big bell, raise your palms and join them together. Then you no longer recite "Na Mwo E Mi Two Fwo," but just "E Mi Two Fwo." I've noticed a lot of you don't raise your palms at this time, but let your hands hang down or swing at your sides. This is because you don't know about the rules. Although rules are not important, you still have to abide by them. As it is said, "If you don't follow the rules (in Chinese the word for "rules" is made up of the two words "compass and T-square) you can't make circles or squares." That is, if you don't follow the rules you won't attain your goal.

Also, when you stand at your places, those who come first should also stand up in front and those who follow should stand behind them in order that they file in. The first to come should not stand in the back so that those who follow have to shove past to find a place. No matter where you go, you should proceed according to the rules for order in the assembly. Then things won't become confused, but will run smoothly. You should all take note of this.

August 19, 1975
Buddha Root Farm, p.21 - 22