A Visit to Burma

A Visit to Burma

Standing in front of Rangoon Pagoda

Standing in front of Rangoon Pagoda.

In 1957, the Master traveled to Thailand and Singapore, and at the invitation of Layman Chan Htoon, president of the Burmese Sasana Council, he went on to Burma. On his tours of that country, which included visits to Pegu and Dhammadut College, he was escorted by Mr. Htoon and by C.T. Tan, of the Council of Union of Burma. In Rangoon, the Master led hundreds of Rangoon Buddhists in the circumambulation of the Rangoon Pagoda, as they recited the Buddha's name. Later he joined other monks in meditation before the colossal statue of the Reclining Buddha. Everywhere he went people were deeply affected by the magnitude of the Master's Way-virtue and were particularly moved to respect and veneration by his awesome demeanor and compassionate appearance. Affinities were so deep that upon his departure from the country, thousands of Buddhist disciples and well-wishers gathered at the airport where they knelt and recited the Buddha's name to pay their respects, and as he rose to leave, they wept.

Meditation at Rangoon Pagoda

Meditation at Rangoon Pagoda.