Receiving Venerable Hsu Yun's Sharira

Paying homage to the sharira (relics) of the Elder Master Hsu Yun in Hong Kong

Paying homage to the sharira (relics) of the Elder Master Hsu Yun in Hong Kong.

On the fourth day of the tenth lunar month, I sent two lay disciples, Xie Guofeng and Ma Guoxian, to Yunju to receive a portion of the Elder Master Yun's sharira (relics) and bones and bring them back so we could make offerings to them. On the seventh, the two disciples arrived at Zhenru Chan Monastery and obtained more than ten sharira of rare brilliance, which emitted a light of five colors. They set out on the return trip on the sixteenth and arrived at the Lecture Hall on the afternoon of the eighteenth. I led the great assembly in offering incense and flowers and making prostrations to the sharira. Everyone was extremely happy, and I felt as if a great burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

The next day four laymen--Mao Wenda, Li Jungyou, Xie Guofeng, and Ma Guoxian--accompanied me to take the sharira and call on the Elder Layman Chen to discuss the publication of a memorial book. Layman Chen suggested that the publication be delayed to allow time for the receipt of articles from overseas. Thus it is only now that this book has been published and circulated. I hope that Buddhists in all countries of the world will unite in spirit and respect one another.

The relics of Elder Master Hsu Yun

The relics of Elder Master Hsu Yun

Five-colored in profusion are the solid seeds;
Perfectly forged, the myriad virtues, like the full moon.
Lustrous is the precept pearl, its clear light luminous,
Like mother-of-pearl, the samadhi gem, rare in hue,
Crystal-like, the wisdom lamp, shining on the Dharmarealm;
The fruit of Prajna wisdom transforms the universe.
These lotus seeds, great and small, are as pure as jade--
Adornments of the collected virtues of the vinaya.

Reverently composed by
Hsuan Hua