Teachings of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua



  ArrowShurangama Sutra
  ArrowAvatamsaka (Flower Adornment) Sutra
  ArrowAmitabha Sutra

Instructional Talks

  ArrowCultivating the Bodhi Path
  ArrowShould You Be Filial to Your Parents?
  ArrowThe Joy of Not Seeking
  ArrowWhen People Don't Like You
  ArrowA Single Thought
  ArrowDon't Wait Until You're Too Old to Cultivate the Way
  ArrowCultivating Virtue versus Creating Karma
  ArrowDon't Push for Speed
  ArrowThe Wisdom Light of Non-outflows
  ArrowWhat is Patience? What is Skill?

Dharma Doors

  ArrowGood Indeed, Good Indeed, Awakening of the "Who"
  ArrowProper Faith, Proper Vows and Proper Practice
  ArrowRecite Guanyin's Name with One Heart
  ArrowRecite Mantras with a Proper and Sincere Mind

A Collection of Rules

  ArrowOffering Incense
  ArrowMeal Offering
  ArrowNo Flattering

Words of Wisdom

  ArrowUpholding the Precepts, Being Patient Under Insult
  ArrowInvestigating Chan, Reciting the Buddha's Name
  ArrowThe Cultivation of Those Who Renounce the Householder's Life
  ArrowCause and Effect, Repentance and Reform
  ArrowBuddhism and Buddha-dharma

Literary Works

  ArrowWhite Universe
  ArrowTry Your Best
  ArrowI'm Really Lucky to Study Buddhism
  ArrowNo Calculating
  ArrowHundred-foot Pole
  ArrowVerse on the Wise, Foolish, True, and False
  ArrowSufferings and Blessings
  ArrowBody and Mind
  ArrowInner Disturbances



Life of the Ven. Hsu Yun

  ArrowThree Steps, One Bow Pilgrimage
  ArrowA Cup Falls to the Floor -- The Root of Doubt is Severed

Lives of the Partriarchs

  ArrowDharma Master Hwai Shen
   ArrowCommentary - Verse in Praise
   ArrowCommentary - Another Verse in Praise
  ArrowDharma Master Liang Ching
   ArrowCommentary - Verse in Praise
   ArrowCommentary - Another Verse in Praise

Records of High Sanghans

  ArrowThe Venerable Vighna
  ArrowDharma Master Dau Li

Reflections in Water and Mirror

  ArrowTsau Bin
 ArrowPrajna Humor

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