Life of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua

 ArrowEarly Years
 ArrowLeaving the Home-Life
  ArrowSan Yuan (Three Conditions) Monastery
  ArrowEighteen Great Vows
 ArrowDharma Transmission

A Recollection of My Causes and
Conditions with Ven. Yun

   ArrowThe Pilgrimage
   ArrowNanhua Monastery
   ArrowNew Year 1949
   ArrowVen. Hsu Yun's Stillness
   ArrowReceiving Ven. Hsu Yun's Sharira
   ArrowVerse of Bequest
 ArrowResiding in Hong Kong
  ArrowPrinting Sutras
  ArrowA Visit to Burma
 ArrowBringing the Dharma to the West
 ArrowMonk in the Grave Period
  ArrowThirty Five Day Fast for World Peace
  ArrowCommentary on "Monk in the Grave" Verse
 ArrowFirst American Sangha

1968 Shurangama Session

   Arrow1968 Shurangama Sutra Summer Lecture and Cultivation Session
   ArrowNurturing Good Roots

Five Americans Leave the Home-Life

   ArrowDisciple Guo Yi's Notes (October 27, 1969)
   ArrowDisciple Guo Yi's Notes (October 28, 1969)
   ArrowDisciple Guo Yi's Notes (October 29, 1969)

A Road of Hardship


Building a Foundation for Buddhism in America


Establishing a Proper Sangha

   ArrowHosting Ordination Ceremonies on Western Soil
   ArrowA Sangha That Practices the Proper Dharma

Protecting the Proper Dharma

   ArrowUpholding the Shurangama Sutra
   ArrowExposing Deviant Teachers
   ArrowBreaking Misconceptions and Superstitions

Working Towards a Harmonious Sangha

   ArrowEnding Sectarianism
   ArrowUniting the Northern and Southern Traditions
   ArrowChinese Buddhism and American Buddhism

Translating the Buddhist Canon

   ArrowEstablishing Translation Institutes
   ArrowVolunteer Translators
   ArrowEight Guidelines
   ArrowPrinciples and Methodology of Sutra Translation
   ArrowSimple Explanations
   ArrowRapid English Translations

Promoting Education

   ArrowEstablishing Free Schools
   ArrowBuddhist University
   ArrowTraining the Sangha and Laity
   ArrowEducation of Young Novices
   ArrowPublic Appeal at UNESCO
   ArrowScholarship Fund
   ArrowRespect the Elderly, Cherish the Youth
   ArrowVolunteer Teacher System

Dharma Affinities

  ArrowElder Master Guang Qin
  ArrowVen. Bhante Dharmawara and Ajahn Sumedo
  ArrowCardinal Yubin and Father Rogers

Teaching and Protecting All Nations

  ArrowU.S. Officials
  ArrowOfficials from Abroad

Great Parinirvana

  ArrowManifesting Stillness

Memorial Ceremonies at Long Beach Monastery

  ArrowCeremony for Placement in the Casket
  ArrowMemorial Ceremony
  ArrowRespectfully Sending the Ven. Master Off to CTTB
  ArrowFinal Ceremonies

Memorial Ceremonies at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

  ArrowRespectfully Welcoming the Ven. Master
  ArrowGreat Nirvana Hall
  ArrowFinal Ceremonies
  ArrowMemorial Ceremony
  ArrowCremation Ceremony
  ArrowRitual of Scattering the Ashes
  ArrowViewing the Sharira
  ArrowSilent Praises

Memorial Ceremonies Abroad

  ArrowCanada and Malaysia
  ArrowTaiwan and Hong Kong
 ArrowInfinite Dharma Wheel

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